Tales of Time and Space; A Portable Science Fiction Library

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Folkestone Triennial, Tales of Time and Space, 2008. Heather and Ivan Morrison.

“We chose a Green Goddess, an old military fire engine, to build our house truck onto (little more rugged and more in the modern Survivalist vein than the New Age American Gypsies perhaps) and filled it with a library of the finest apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic and catastrophe science fiction literature. For the duration of the Triennial the truck will tour around Folkestone; an incongruous addition to the usual street scene; open to visitors to borrow books and to read up on possible futures; a reminder to be prepared.”

Studio Morison


I’m making a library guide this week about EcoArt, and I stumbled upon this piece from Heather and Ivan Morrison while reading the Radical Nature book we have sitting in our library. It was created originally for the UK’s Folkestone Triennial back in 2008 and was “inspired by the town’s connection with H.G. Wells and was staffed by a local science fiction enthusiast for the run of the exhibition” (176). Definitely check out the story here!


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